When the sweetest heartthrob in Hollywood gets caught on camera doing something naughty and fun, everyone is buzzing. 

Rory never planned on his act for the charity event going viral. As rumors and bullets start to fly, Rory and his feisty wife, Abby, know it’s time to call in the cavalry… their security guard and friend, Braxton.

When truths are finally revealed and secrets come to light, it will take trust and love to bring three strong souls together.


Jamie Merrick Author Illustration

Jamie Merrick is the pen name for a USA Today best-selling author with lots of characters in her head and not much of a social life, so readers are the ones to benefit with sweet, sexy stories of strong subs and tender Doms.

The books that Jamie writes will be MMF with feisty subs and tender Doms with all kinds of wonderfully sweet kinks thrown in for fun. If you’re looking for stories that are a bit outside the box in the most unexpected ways, you’re in the right place.



Private Lives Series by Jamie Merrick Logo - Polyamory Romance Novels

The books in the Private Lives series will all be MMF with confident subs, loving Doms, and relationships that are a little outside the box. Men in lace, sweet puppy play, and cute littles will all show up in different ways, but each book will be filled with love and strong relationships.

If you believe that love comes in all different packages, check out these tender stories.