Secrets and Stuffies Chapter 1

Secrets and Stuffies by Jamie Merrick - MMF Age Play Romance Book Cover
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When your private life becomes public fodder, sometimes fate steps in with a helping hand.

Anderson Pace wasn’t a household name until his football career ended and his private life became tabloid news. With rumors running rampant, the last thing he and his wife, Erin, want is for the world to know he’s not as take-charge as they think… or that what they both want more than anything is to find her the perfect Daddy.

In steps Logan.

All Logan wants is to run his lodge and to find two loving people to share his life with. However, living in the middle of nowhere in Montana makes finding the right people difficult. Well, difficult until Anderson and Erin step off a private plane and land right in his lap.

Sometimes finding love is hard—and sometimes love lands right at your feet, and you just need to have the courage to hold it tight.

Author’s Note: While the cutest characters from the previous books in this series show up in this one as side characters, this sweet age play story can be read as a standalone.


Chapter 1

“Oh my god, that’s Rory Flint.” Erin’s whispered fangirling would’ve been embarrassing if the obsession in question—the fabulous and slightly infamous actor Rory Flint—hadn’t just whispered to his companions too.

“Oh my god, that’s Ander Pace.” His companions were too busy trying not to laugh to be embarrassed.

Did two fans cancel out each other’s drama?

“He’s got the best ass in the NFL.”


That definitely hadn’t been what I was expecting to hear from the guy who’d been dubbed the sweetest actor in Hollywood.

Erin giggled, finally making the movie star realize he hadn’t been nearly as quiet as he’d thought he’d been.

“Oops.” His eyes widened, and he stepped back toward the man who seemed to be his bodyguard. “Purely for research, you know? There’s talk of a football movie.”

That wasn’t believable at all.

And clearly his wife and his… his something didn’t think so either, based on their snickers.

Erin giggled again then made an exaggerated motion, pretending to zip her lips, that had me rolling my eyes and groaning.

Which just had Rory’s eyes going wider.

He finally leaned into his male companion and tried to whisper again. “I can’t tell if he’s going to squish me or if he thinks I’m funny.”

The man took one look at me and then leaned down low, never breaking eye contact. He actually knew how to whisper, so I didn’t get to hear what he said, but Rory’s wide eyes turned from worried to surprised. “Really?”

The man had obviously been keeping up with the news better than the sexy actor had.

He gave a brief nod and a half shrug as he smiled at Rory. “I think so.”

Definitely not just a bodyguard.

I was starting to think the rumors about them… not the rumors about their house being shot up, the dirty rumors… were actually true.

So did Erin.

More giggles escaped and she pressed her hand over her mouth dramatically.

She’d been barely holding on to her grown-up side with all the stress over the past few days and the giggles said she was tired of being big.

Not that I blamed her.

I finally swallowed, wishing we had more time. “You’re going to pretend that you haven’t seen us and we’ll do the same.”

Erin’s hand slipped and words just came flooding out. “We didn’t get shot up, but we made the news too, and oh my god, the press is going nuts. We’ve never been in the spotlight like this and people are such assholes, but we’re not assholes, and I think your new boyfriend is hot. He’s yours, right? I mean, I’ve seen rumors and stuff, and I thought you were seeing that other guy, but—”

Why weren’t binkies in public socially acceptable for littles who talked too much?

They really should be, but since that wouldn’t work and I wasn’t supposed to put my hand over her mouth in public—some reporter declared that to be rude early in my career—I did what I always did. I kissed her and the words stopped.

Rory giggled again, but it was his wife that spoke this time, barely restrained laughter in her voice. “I’m starting to understand why you guys are always caught on camera kissing.”
Something about the way she looked at me reminded me of Mistress Heather from the club, and I had to fight the blush that was trying to creep over my face. Former NFL players did not blush when pretty women looked at them like they’d been naughty.

Erin giggled again.

She knew that look, too.

“I…” I had no idea what to say.

I’d have probably just stood there stupidly while Erin confessed our entire sordid history, but thankfully the man who’d been standing by the van didn’t have that problem. “The leeches are going to figure shit out if you all don’t get a move on.”

The man with the trimmed beard, who looked a bit like a dressed-up lumberjack, stepped forward and hugged the man that Rory seemed to be… doing something with. I wasn’t sure the news could be trusted in general, but I was starting to think they’d gotten something right this time.

“Call more, asshole. We want to hear how everything’s going.” The order from the man I thought was from the lodge we were staying at had the bodyguard smiling.

“You just want more gossip.” The bodyguard guy… had anyone said his name… smiled and couldn’t seem to resist teasing his friend even though they knew we could see.

“Damn right.” The lumberjack man scoffed. “Why else would I want to talk to you?”

Then he actually winked at Rory. “Keep him in line.”

There was definitely a lot going on in his personal life… and it wasn’t any of my business or Erin’s, so I kissed her again. That earned me a sigh and a cute pout from her—and more giggles from Rory.

As the group of three stepped toward the small regional airport terminal we’d just come out of, Rory looked at the lumberjack guy again. “If you think we have enough in common… you know… give her my number.”

Rory’s wife rolled her eyes and their companion was desperately trying to keep a straight face, but the lumberjack guy nodded, taking it all very seriously. “Deal.”

Erin’s eyes were as wide as plates. “Oh, really. I can’t keep secrets at all if I talk, but Anderson won’t let me talk in public, so it’ll be okay. Oh, and we’re not going anywhere for a while. The pictures, you know, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Rory blinked, and as his companions ushered him into the building, he finally got his questions together. “What pictures? Are they interesting too? Are they hiding from people too? Is it about sex?”

Oh God, they matched.

Erin giggled, and I was a bit worried about what the man by the SUV would be doing, but he was trying not to laugh. Shaking his head, he finally got his snickering under control and was back to looking gruff and businesslike. “I’m Logan, and I’ll be escorting you two to the lodge.”

When I just nodded, he looked between us. “You should’ve kept the sunglasses on and stayed a bit more incognito.”

Erin pouted, not deterred at all. “But it was Rory.”

He scoffed. “You’re just as famous right now as he is. You need to be more careful until the leeches get distracted.”

That was all he had to say?

He clearly knew about the pictures and the drama, but the only part he seemed to care about at all was our privacy.

Erin nodded and looked like she was ready to curl up with her bear and her binkie. “Yes, Sir.”

I waited for him to respond or to say something about it. Usually we’d get a side glance at the very least before someone brushed it off, but he simply nodded like it was a perfectly reasonable response. “Good. Now let’s get you back to the lodge so you can finally relax. You guys must’ve been flying since early this morning.”

I had a feeling he wasn’t any more traditional than Rory Flint was turning out to be.

Maybe the lodge hadn’t been such a bad idea after all.

When we both nodded, he looked around. “Are these all your bags? I don’t want to forget anything.”

“This is it. The staff on the plane was very thorough.” The one good thing about flying in a private plane was that the service was top-notch. I know I should’ve loved it, but being watched by everyone and basically being the center of attention made me nervous.

If a football or a flogger wasn’t involved, I didn’t want to stand out.

“Good.” He studied our suitcases like he could see right through them. “Do we need to stop to get anything as we drive through town? You guys need to keep a low profile until Rory’s stuff comes out and distracts them, so once we get to the cabins, there will be no joyrides into town for shampoo.”

For some reason, Erin thought the gruff orders were cute. I could see how much she liked him as she shook her head. She even managed to keep her mouth shut so she wouldn’t blab everything that was going through her head.

“I think we have just about everything practical, but could we stop for groceries?” The cabin we were staying at was supposed to have a kitchen, so I wanted to make sure we were stocked up.
Logan nodded. “I stocked up on staples and regular groceries this morning. Make me a list for anything that I might not have thought of as we drive, and I’ll stop into the store as we go through town.”

He was right. My going into the grocery store right now wouldn’t be keeping a low profile… but I wasn’t sure listing out dinosaur chicken nuggets and noodle soup would be really easy to explain.

Fuck it.

“Sure, thanks.” Trish and Mike had said he was discreet, but I was starting to think they’d left out a few things.

Discreet people were hard to deal with sometimes.

That was one of the reasons I loved Erin so much. I never had to guess what she was thinking or worry about what she wasn’t saying. She told me everything and always had. She was absolutely perfect for me, and I’d known that from the first time I’d met her.

“Alright, let’s go before people get curious.” Logan looked around suspiciously at a handful of people who were coming up to the front of the tiny airport. I couldn’t decide if he was trying to protect us or if he was just suspicious by nature, but I kind of thought it was cute.

No one ever questioned if I could take care of myself or if I needed to be protected.

It was nice.

Logan had the bags stowed in the back of his SUV and us in the back seat in no time. When we were driving away from the airport, he glanced at us in the rearview mirror. “Do you need paper or do you want to text me the list?”

Yes, the list.

Erin might be ready to be little, but I was ready for a nap.

We’d been running on fumes for the past few days and knowing we were finally away from all the drama had everything hitting at once. “I think…”

I looked over at Erin, who was digging through her magic bag that always had everything in it. As she pulled out a small pad and pen, I looked up at Logan. “I’ll write it down.”

Ignoring the fact that some of the stuff was clearly food for a kid, I wrote down a list of her favorite little foods. I had most of her favorite toys and things like her crayons. That was one of the reasons we had so many suitcases, but everyone seemed to think it was normal for celebrity-ish people to look like they were moving… and even Logan hadn’t thought it was crazy for us to show up with four big suitcases.

As I made the list, Erin snuggled closer and rested her head on my shoulder. I gave her forehead a kiss and whispered low. “You can take a nap if you want.”

She slept like the dead, so even if we stopped along the way, she wouldn’t notice.

The yawn that escaped had me chuckling. “But I should… I needed to…”

She needed to sleep.

“We’ll work on what to do next later.” We had a thousand decisions to make, but they could wait for us to relax and let things settle down.

I got a smile, and she nodded as she took a long, deep breath and her body started to go boneless against me. Logan was quiet for a few minutes, but when it was clear she was out for the count, he chuckled. “I’ve never seen anyone fall asleep that fast.”

I had to smile. “She’s always been like this.”

“She looks exhausted.” Logan paused for a moment before he glanced in the rearview mirror again. “It looks like you guys have had a long few days.”

Yep, he knew.

“Yeah, hopefully, it will quiet down soon.” I wasn’t counting on that, but people seemed to like hearing me say it.

Logan snorted. “They’ll get distracted by something bright and shiny fairly quickly. Rory’s got something that will draw their attention away from you guys. I wouldn’t worry if I were you.”
No one we’d talked to had been this laid-back.

“You’re not going to ask any questions?” I took a breath and focused on how Erin felt pressed against me. “About if I cheated on her or what I was doing?”

I hadn’t even gotten a dirty look from the guy.

Hell, none of them had given us weird looks.

Logan actually rolled his eyes. “First of all, that is not a woman who feels like she’s been cheated on.”

He had a point there, but no one had looked at it logically so far, so I was kind of surprised.

“Second, Trish and Mike were very vague about why you needed to have some privacy for a while, but it wasn’t hard to look you up, and while I don’t travel much, I know that club.” He shrugged. “So while it’s none of my business, I don’t think you cheated and she’s exhausted, not mad.”

Relief flooded through me.

I shouldn’t have cared that he didn’t think I was some kind of weirdo cheating asshole, but for some reason I did. “Thanks.”

I wasn’t sure for what exactly, but he just gave me another nod, taking it all in stride. “We’ve got a bit of a drive if you want to take a nap too.”

That sounded incredible, but I shook my head. “I’m good.”

I’d fall asleep eventually, but my head was going in too many circles for my brain to actually relax. I’d learned a long time ago that sooner or later my body would shut down and make me sleep, but until that point, I just had to ride it out.

Logan made another rude, disbelieving sound. “And the moon is made of green cheese.”

I couldn’t help but quietly laugh as I tried to be still for Erin. He was gruff and gave off a wouldn’t take shit kind of vibe, but something about him said he wouldn’t be easily shocked and he wouldn’t back down.

Maybe Montana was going to be better than I’d thought.

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Secrets and Princess Dresses Chapter 1

Secrets and Princess Dresses by Jamie Merrick - MMF Age Play Romance Book Cover
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To say that the start of their relationship was rocky would be an understatement of epic proportions, but that’s all in the past for Hannah, Dalton, and Jesse… hopefully.

When Hannah went off to college leaving Dalton and Jesse behind to decide if they could really handle a relationship between the three of them, three hearts were left in pieces. But now Hannah’s back, and unfortunately, she’s returned with a secret.

When an unconventional love is threatened by secrets and questions, two men will have to decide what unconditional love really means.

Author’s Note: Secrets & Princess Dresses was original included in the Dirty Daddies Pride Anthology. No material changes were made to the story. While this is book three in the timeline, it can be read as a standalone. This MMF romance contains age play, mild BDSM, and fun times between the guys as well.


Chapter 1

“Did her dad get out his shotgun again? He promised the cops he wouldn’t do that as long as we gave Hannah space while she went to college.” Jessie’s question would’ve sounded insane except her father had pulled his gun on us.

In his defense, we had made her cry, but even the cops said he’d overreacted.

Shaking my head, I walked across our living room and sat down on the couch, trying to wrap my head around how badly the night had gone. “No, he wasn’t even there.”

We’d finally been going to get to date Hannah like real adults.

It should’ve gone fine. She was back home from finishing her degree and everything leading up to our date had been planned perfectly. I was going to pick her up and then we were going to come get Jesse since he’d needed to work late. We’d even had the restaurant all picked out.

It should’ve been wonderful.

“Then what happened?” Jessie flopped down beside me, his large frame shaking the cheap piece-of-crap sofa.

I leaned back, resting my head on the sofa and staring up at the ceiling. “I don’t know. She just said she had stuff she needed to figure out, then shut the door.”

I rolled my head and looked at Jesse. “It didn’t seem like a good idea to push her, so I just came back here.”

Jesse nodded. “Yeah, with her dad, that’s probably a good idea.”

It’d seemed like it at the time, but now I wasn’t sure.

Shifting, Jesse turned and relaxed back against the arm of the couch, searching my face. “Now what?”

Since he was the planner in our slightly interesting relationship, it was bad if he was asking me what to do.

“What was your first thought?” I was still too confused to even begin to guess.

We’d been waiting four years for tonight and now it felt like we had nothing.

Jesse studied me for a moment before he shrugged. “Giving her more time to think seems counterproductive. I’m pretty sure too much space has caused this problem to begin with.”

I couldn’t argue with that.

It seemed like our deal with her dad that we would step back while she was in college had seriously backfired. I’d hoped that with the emails and texts and phone calls it would keep our relationship going, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

“But she was happy to see us at graduation, right?” Had I misread her signals?

Nodding his head, Jesse nudged his knee into my thigh. “Yeah, she was excited to see us and even gave us both kisses in front of her dad.”

Just remembering his wide-eyed expression before he’d cleared his throat and looked away made me chuckle. There was no way to discount the sparkle in her eyes and the way she’d giggled at her dad’s drama. He’d definitely come a long way since we were in high school.

“But what could have changed in such a short period?” A few years ago, my next question would’ve been asking what Jesse had done to piss her off. But we had a better relationship now, and at this point, we were both mature enough to explain when we’d fucked up.

Jesse took the question seriously, thinking quietly for a few moments. When he finally spoke, it was more of a list of what we knew rather than what to do, but it was a start. “She made it clear she wasn’t dating anybody, and I’m pretty sure the last person she talked about was that Percy guy last year.”

Since I agreed with him, I nodded and let him talk it out.

Another sign that we’d grown up over the last few years… Well, that I’d grown, in this case. I hadn’t always been so patient when he’d wanted to talk things out. Which was part of the reason Hannah’s dad had pulled the shotgun on us.

“She has a job lined up here and a plan for the future, and her father no longer thinks we’re insane dickheads who just want to fuck his daughter.” I snorted in response, drawing a laugh from Jesse, primarily because the hothead had been wrong to begin with.

We’d always wanted something serious and meaningful with her.

We just hadn’t understood how to go about getting that in a healthy manner.

Ha. Couples counseling hadn’t been a complete waste.

Just kind of boring and weird.

Jesse flashed me a grin since he knew what I’d been thinking about her father, but he tried to stay on topic. “We haven’t done anything deliberately that would’ve set her off, and from what you’ve told me, nothing she said earlier indicated we were the issue.”

Jesse paused, letting out a breath. “If this isn’t about us, is there anything we can do?”

It was a damned good question.

Staring back up at the ceiling, I closed my eyes. “I don’t know. I’m trying to look at this with a level head, but I’m not feeling logical about any of it.”

Taking in a deep breath, I let it out slowly as Jesse’s hand came to rest on my shoulder and he squeezed, massaging the tense muscles for a moment. “Come here.”

He tugged at my arm until I chuckled and gave in, shifting so my back was against his chest. When I was surrounded by his strong thighs and wrapped in his arms, I could finally relax. “What are we going to do?”

Slowly melting into him as the tension in me faded, I waited and let his strength sink into me. After a moment, I stroked my hand over his thigh that was pressed against the back of the couch. Sometimes it still surprised me how sexy and comforting I found his body, but most of the time it just felt right.

“Do you think this is the problem?” I hated to even ask the question, but he had to have been thinking about it too.

I felt him shrug as he kissed the back of my head. “I don’t think so?”

He paused, and I waited while he put his thoughts in order. “She’s known since freshman year that we were going to work on our relationship. We never hid that from her.”

I loved the casual way he said that.

“I’m not sure going from angry frenemies to boyfriends counts as working on a relationship.” If it was, it was one hell of an understatement.

Jesse laughed. “Sure, it does. We just didn’t understand why we were angry and jealous.”

“If you say so.” But no matter how we explained it, going from assholes to boyfriends hadn’t been easy, but it’d been the right move. In our defense, though, high school guys weren’t always great at realizing they might not be straight.

Especially when someone like Hannah was in their sights.

“I do.” The smile in his voice had me smiling too, but another kiss to the back of my head brought back all the stress.

“Am I an asshole for being just a bit pissed that we’re going to have to wait even longer?” When he was too quiet, I shifted and looked over my shoulder.

Jesse finally shrugged, not looking like he had a good answer. “If you are, then you’re in good company.”

I had to smile as I laid back down against him. “If she doesn’t want to date us, then the rules don’t apply anymore, right?”

I mean, we’d played fair and followed the rules. We’d already waited to have penetrative sex because that’d been the deal we’d worked out when she’d first gone to school. Dating and relationships were fine, but none of us would have penetrative sex with anyone else until she got back or we broke up.

Of course, when Jesse and I had first made that rule, we’d pictured dating other girls, not each other, but we’d still stuck with the deal.

Hannah had never given any indication that she thought us getting closer physically was a problem. Hell, she’d been the one to throw the idea out there when she was screaming at us back when everything was drama and fighting.

How we’d managed to survive high school I’d never know.

Jesse’s arms tightened around me like he was imagining making love and fucking me hard, but then he sighed and his hold relaxed. “I think before we take that step, we need to make sure what’s going on.”

That made me groan. “I didn’t want that answer.”

His chest jerked in silent laughter. “I’m not saying no. Fuck. You aren’t the only one who was looking forward to everything changing, but if this is just a bit of drama, I don’t want us to have fucked it up.”

“I hate it when you’re right.” My response made him laugh, which felt good because I didn’t want him to be as stressed as I was. “So now that our evening is open, what do you want to do?”
I was hoping he’d let me change the topic and just figure out our next step with Hannah later, but no such luck.

“I want to make you dinner after we finish our conversation.” He completely ignored my trying to change the subject and just kept going. “What do you think about talking to your boss?”


“It’s logical.” His family had been in relationships with two guys and a woman forever. Even his great-grandparents had been open-minded. They’d been the people to give Hannah the idea in the first place. “Do you think it would be inappropriate or just weird? I mean, he is my boss.”

Or at least one of my bosses.

Technically he owned the ranch with his parents, but over the past few years I’d gotten to know Travis much better than I had his dads. They were relaxed enough that they probably wouldn’t mind our questions, but if I had to tell anyone how fucked up our relationship was, I’d rather it be Travis.

“I can’t imagine anyone at the shop talking to my dad about anything out of the ordinary or kinky, but your boss is laid-back.” Jesse’s tone was so confident I found myself nodding.

He took that as a yes and kept going. “How about I get off early tomorrow and head over to the ranch? We can talk to him together.”

I scoffed. “You just think I won’t do it without you.”

Jesse laughed. “I know you won’t do it without me.”

He was probably right.

“Fine.” Sitting up, I shifted and gave him a quick kiss. Even after the newness and just the strangeness of kissing him had faded to something more everyday, I still couldn’t help marveling at how our life had changed over the past few years.

He smiled, returning my kiss, but I could see the worries he was trying to hide. All of our plans for the past few years had been with Hannah in mind. We’d all called and emailed and hung out whenever possible, anything we could do to stay in touch without pressuring her.

But everything had been about the three of us, not just the two of us.

“You know that nothing is going to change between us, right?” I knew I’d hit the nail on the head when he nodded too quickly. Smiling, I turned so we were chest to chest and I stretched out along his body.

When my dick was rubbing against his and his thighs framed mine, I rocked against him and smiled again. “No matter what happens and how we fuck things up, nothing is going to change between us.”

He couldn’t seem to decide if he wanted to roll his eyes or moan. “You… you’re a menace.”

I grinned. “But I’m your menace.”

And that was better than last month when he’d told me I was an asshole, but I was his asshole.

Needless to say, the argument had quickly derailed once he’d realized how insane that had sounded.

Jesse pulled me tight against him, kissing me again, that time taking my mouth in a slow, heated exploration that sent pleasure flooding through me. When he finally released my lips, we were both breathless, but his eyes were brighter and I didn’t see the worries there anymore.

“We’re good. I know that.” Kissing me again, that time short and sweet, he gave me another hug before relaxing his hold on me. “Alright. It’s my turn to cook and then we’re going to find a movie and we’ll play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets a blow job first.”

I shot up, shaking my finger at him. “Oh, no, you forfeited, and it’s my turn.”

He started to shake his head, giving me a very well done I’m sorry you’re wrong expression, but I wasn’t as big a sucker for it as I once had been. “No. Don’t even try to wiggle out of it. You wanted biscuits this morning, and you bribed me to make them.”

“You volunteered to make those when I mentioned them.” He looked so damned believable I wanted to tell him where he could shove those biscuits. “That doesn’t count.”

I snorted. “Repeating bullshit isn’t going to make it true.”

He just laughed, so I knew I’d won.

Moving off him so we didn’t get distracted before dinner, I stood up and reached out a hand to pull him off the couch. The evening wasn’t our most productive time of the day, so making sure he actually got up was a good idea.

Another lesson learned after living together for almost three years.

“Spaghetti sound good?” Jesse wrapped his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. “Garlic breath won’t be a problem tonight.”

Laughing, I punched his arm and stepped away as he grinned. “I’m going to go change clothes. You need to work on your pickup lines.”

Jesse smirked, looking pleased with himself. “Well, see how the night goes. Then we’ll see whether it worked or not.”

I scoffed, heading back toward our small bedroom. “You’re just lucky I’m a cheap slut for you.”

Laughter followed me into the bedroom, making me grin, but as I changed out of the clothes I’d put on for the date that’d never happened, I couldn’t help but think that maybe Hannah hadn’t been quite ready to get everything she’d always said she wanted.

Hanging back up the dress pants and button-down that had barely been worn, I stripped out of my boxer briefs and into the sweatpants that Jesse loved.

Maybe that really was part of the problem.

She’d always said that she wanted a relationship like Travis’s family had and she didn’t want to choose between us, but had watching us grow closer made her feel like she wasn’t a part of our relationship?

I knew we’d done our best to try to make sure that didn’t happen, but had we failed?

Pushing the doubts and questions out of my head, I did my best to look happy and relaxed. He’d know it was complete bullshit, but being an ass wouldn’t make our evening any better and it would only make him worry.

He was too much of a mush for me to do that to him, so I was happy and just hard enough to be distracting in the sweats by the time I walked back out into the kitchen.


Jesse groaned, turning away from the counter where he was slicing what would eventually become garlic bread as the water on the stove was heating up. “You asshole. You know those are my favorite.”

I raised one eyebrow and gave a much more believable surprised expression than he could do. “Really? I thought you liked those sleep pants that are so thin you can see my dick through them better?”

Yeah, I was an asshole.

But at least he wasn’t worried anymore.

“You’re deliberately fucking with me.” He started to gesture with the bread knife until he realized what he was doing and set it down.

After one mishap where he’d accidentally thrown the can opener at me, we were both more careful.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Leaning against the doorframe, I pushed my hips out a bit and thought about how good the blow job would be. Getting hard enough to be even more distracting in the pants wasn’t a problem.

Groaning, Jesse walked away from the counter and gave me a cute pout. “But they’re my favorite.”

And he wanted nothing more than to kneel right there and play with my dick through the sweats until he’d made me beg to come.

But it was my turn.

When he was close enough to grab, I turned and pinned him against the doorframe. “Whose turn is it?”

He groaned but leaned back almost submissively and gave up. “You, it’s your turn.”

“Good boy.” I grinned as he snorted, but once I was on my knees, magically he stopped complaining.

Neither of us was the best bottom or even a halfway decent sub in the bedroom, so sex was always fun… and sometimes an interesting competition too.

I had his pants and the tight briefs he loved so much pulled to his knees in seconds, and his cock was in my mouth just as fast. He wouldn’t last. The sweatpants guaranteed that, so I smiled around his dick as he started to curse.

Working the head just like he loved, I had him desperate and frustrated before the water on the stove started to boil. When he started to shove my head to take him deeper, I let my teeth scrape over the tip of his cock, and he gasped, shaking as his hands slapped against the walls where he knew they belonged.

“Fucker. Let me come.” He growled out the order, but when I went back to barely sucking on the tip, he whined and finally caved. “Please. Please let me come.”

I pulled off just long enough to drive him insane. “Good boy.”

He grunted and was probably cursing me out in his head, but he kept his hands on the wall and moaned as I swallowed his cock to the base. It’d taken me six months to learn to do that without gagging, but it’d taken Jesse almost a year because back then even his toothbrush had made him gag.

He managed to last a few more seconds, but that was it.

As his orgasm barreled through him and his cum shot deep into my throat, I swallowed around him and kept sucking on him until he was soft and he tapped the wall twice in defeat.

Releasing him, I rose and gave him a deep, heated kiss, knowing he could taste his cum in my mouth. By the time I released him, I was achingly hard and starving, but he was the best meal I could’ve asked for. “Love you.”

He smiled, then gave me a look that said he was going to get even. “Love you too, asshole.”

No matter what happened, I was fucking lucky, and I was never going to forget that.

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